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Are you fulfilling your digital potential?

Strengthen the impact and sales work by automating communication according to customer behavior. We take care of the digital opportunities and create sharp leads.

Digital marketing can generate value for you

Working with B2B communication has become far more complex and challenging due to the digital development. However, it has also become far more interesting. Navigating the numerous digital opportunities, where every effort can be instantly measured and investigated, requires overview and curiosity.

Digital marketing is about attracting, cultivating and retaining customers. This is why, at Essens, we work to create synergies across media and to exploit technological opportunities and the potential for conversion that can be unlocked with the right composition of media.

Become top-of-mind with digital marketing

Customers today are proactive. They seek information online, and they are generally 60-90% through the decision-making process before they contact a supplier or a new partner. Today, no one doubts the importance of online visibility, with the company’s website as the strategic platform.

Our recommendation for all B2B customers is to work diligently on converting digital visibility into permissions for email marketing, thus allowing for systematic, long-term cultivation of customer relationships.

From assumptions to data

At Essens, we love numbers and statistics, and together with our customers, we have enjoyed great success measuring and optimising digital media using data. When digital efforts are tracked using metrics such as traffic, downloads and clicks, we can demonstrate the value of an activity even better: We gain valuable customer knowledge. This can then be used in a targeted sales initiative.

Mette Nissen Pedersen – Partner at Essens Kommunikation

Your source of value

Since 2003 we have been working with B2B marketing. We learn your business and become involved in your reality. Our mission is to strengthen your company through marketing – internally and externally.

Let’s have a talk about your business and how we can help you get famous for what you do best.

Mette Nissen Pedersen

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