Email marketing

When was the last time you were in touch with all your customers?

The newsletter is the strongest marketing tool to support personal customer contact. One click can be enough to gain a new sale. We help you reach all your customers – both potential and existing.

@ is the most effective hook in the pursuit of sales

If your goal is to be top-of-mind with your customers, the @ symbol and direct access to the inbox of prospective clients are essential in generating customer awareness. Email marketing is effective. We can prove this with several cases. With systematic effort and relevant subject matter, there is a great opportunity to profile your company and develop the customer relationship towards a qualified and targeted dialogue.

This is why customers say yes to newsletters

Today, customers are looking for proactive knowledge and relevant information – in particular from Google, but also when they agree to receive newsletters. The customer thus shows interest in your company, your work and your products. And this interest can be developed into a sale. At Essens, we have several years’ experience with a large number of customers and we understand the extensive potential in working with emails as a sales-supporting activity.

Develop effective newsletters

Effective newsletters have a clearly defined purpose with a business focus. Write precise messages that use simple and comprehensible language to convey the benefit of clicking a link. The detailed technical and specialised content should be put on different platforms – usually your website. Do you want to learn more about the way we work? Receive our newsletter for insight into cases, seminars and current industry news.

Mette Nissen Pedersen – Partner at Essens Kommunikation

Your source of value

Since 2003 we have been working with B2B marketing. We learn your business and become involved in your reality. Our mission is to strengthen your company through marketing – internally and externally.

Let’s have a talk about your business and how we can help you get famous for what you do best.

Mette Nissen Pedersen

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