Visual identity

Stand out with a strong and targeted visual identity

A strong and focused visual identity creates market recognition.

Graphic design shows who you are and what you stand for

Creativity fuels development and, over the years, it has built strong, recognisable brands that clearly communicate their message through a powerful visual identity. A strong visual identity is based on strategic planning, and it is strongly rooted in the company’s mission, vision and values. Often, the logo acts as the company’s heart, and it is one of several elements in a strong visual identity that generates a cohesive profile across different media.

Good graphic design is good communication

The purpose of graphic design is to enhance your messages through visual expression. Therefore, graphic design must adapt to the media in which it is used. At Essens, creativity is about working with strategic focus, and our visualisation is based on our extensive experience and love for the graphics discipline. Our goal is for graphic design to communicate, involve and inspire action – which is how good graphic design generates value.

Graphic design that hits home

Professional graphic design is the core of our work, and together with our customers, we have created solutions that cover everything from stationery and exhibition stands to web design, applications, videos and animations. Our solutions are always based on the specific needs of our customers. We are always focused on our customers’ goals – regardless of size. Let us help you identify the possibilities that produce clear results.

Mette Nissen Pedersen – Partner at Essens Kommunikation

Your source of value

Since 2003 we have been working with B2B marketing. We learn your business and become involved in your reality. Our mission is to strengthen your company through marketing – internally and externally.

Let’s have a talk about your business and how we can help you get famous for what you do best.

Mette Nissen Pedersen

Partner in Essens Kommunikation
Phone: (+45) 70 229 149